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Marketing Executive – Merchandising

a) Essential Duties
l Showroom
- Develop showroom and merchandising standard & execution system according to marketing strategy
- Execute the annual showroom development plan
- Monitor & maintain the showroom imagination including decoration, racks, samples, in store marketing materials
l Trade Show
- To support trade MKT on relevant exhibition design and execution
- To support trade MKT on display design and produce of trade event and road show
- Marketing Activities Support
- To support other MKT function team on relevant marketing activities as NPL, retail promotion, project mock up room, etc.
    b) Additional Duties
3. Responsibilities and Competences
- Creative
-   Good communication skills
-   Detail oriented
-  Independent and can work under pressure
-  Flexible and can travel frequently
-  Graduated in university or above
-  Major in Interior design or marketing, etc.
-   Minimum 3 years relevant experience
Language Skills
-  Be familiar in written English
Computer Skills
- Familiar with Microsoft computer software
- Familiar with relevant design computer software


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