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Online Center Director

Operations: Driving sales revenue through managing the sales team to achieve revenue objectives
· Achieve sales revenue targets through managing sales team
· Manages team to ensure that all leads are followed up within 24 hours
· Makes necessary changes in staffing based on day of week, sales promotions, other anticipated events, holidays and call data
· Determine work procedures, schedules and expedites work flow
· Use daily meetings and reports to track progress towards achievement of revenue targets
· Communicate information/ feedback from operations to COO/ related operations team
· Work with HR to ensure adequate number of consultants to process sales leads
· Build sales culture and competitive team spirit

Performance Management:
· Ensuring team members are managed to meet or exceed performance expectations
· Manage the performance of sales team members through on going performance management metrics
· Use call auditing to audit performance of sales team and identify areas for general and individual improvement
· Uses CRM/ PBX data to improve efficiency of calls (length of call time, delay in following up etc)
· Manage out individuals in sales team who underperforms
Improvement of systems: Improve systems and procedures to improve efficiency and effectiveness
· Standardize procedures for sales team and update procedures where possible to improve efficiency
· Manages and improve system for call distribution and efficiency
· Improve systems for managing sales through development of the CRM system
Training: Ensure team members are all adequately trained with latest knowledge and skills
· Organize regular training for sales team to improve skills, knowledge and results
· Update sales curriculum and training as necessary
· Deliver initial training to new sales people
· Provide additional training to individuals who require it
· Update scripts and ensure training for sales team
Requirements/ Experience: Strong sales experience and sales driven
· Demonstrated ability to drive sales revenue
· through strong training and management of sales team in an English training business
· Love sales and the challenge of pursuing sales targets
· Experience as a course consultant/ sales person in industry
· Experience in established private training school (EF/ Wall Street/ Dell/ Pattison etc)
· Understand how sales work and how to close sales
Ability to train and be a motivational leader for team
· Demonstrated ability to drive sales revenue through strong training and management of sales team in an English training business
· Ability to motivate and drive a sales driven culture
· Builds teamwork, communication and mutual support within team
Analytical & process driven
· Ability to logically analyze results and make executable conclusions to improve sales
· Ability to write out processes for improvement and implement them
Other abilities
· Able to communicate in written and spoken English
· Good knowledge of CRM processes
· Ability to use excel/ word


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