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Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Job Description
? The Senior Software Embedded Engineer will be called upon to contribute to a variety of projects in creating and sustaining our leading lineup of ATCA and CompactPCI modules and systems, ranging from assembly code for microcontrollers to Diagnostics and bootloaders to device drivers to customer application APIs.
·Good intuitive understanding of software, hardware, and systems, and the ability to use that intuition to design rock solid systems and to track down and correct elusive defects.
·Voracious appetite for learning new things -- can easily learn new programming languages or technologies by reading up on them over a short time.
·Ability to work through and repair any ambiguous or missing requirements.
·Must have good communication skills and consistently use them.
·Professional with a good team support attitude.
·BS in Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering or appropriate equivalent experience.
·Good working knowledge of C and C++ Assembly programming.
·C (expert), C++ (familiar), Assembly (at least one processor), Diagnostics Code.
·Python, Perl, shell, Expect, or other scripting language.
·Device driver internals (Linux).
·Linux (WindRiver Linux, or Redhat Linux) kernel internals.
·Reading and interpreting schematics and datasheets.
·TCP/IP Networking.
·IPMI, I2C, SPI, CAN, RS232 and similar serial protocols, Middleware Software.
·PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express, and similar bus protocols.
·Source control (Clearcase, CVS, etc).


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