Company Profile

Guangdong Vode Consulting Co., Ltd., for short "Vode HR", is founded in 2009 with a registered capital of RMB 10 million. Headquartered in Guangzhou. It is one of the leading provider of human resource solutions and professional recruitment consultancy company, committed to providing enterprises with a full range of human resource solutions. Vode HR offers a series of specialized services, one-stop human resources and business management consulting services covering HR outsourcing, labor dispatching, head-hunting, recruitment outsourcing and corporate management consultation, etc.

Our staff is composed of a group of early in the modern human resources management theory research and the actual management of professionals, they have received a good education, well versed in both chinese and western culture, already a seasoned professional teams. The experienced professional team is good at giving the appropriate human resource services and human resources solutions for enterprise. Vode HR adhering to the “People-oriented, Morality-driven” corporate culture to achieve effective strategy for human resources management as our mission We position ourselves as the strategic business partner for enterprises in order to get further corporation with them. We commit ourselves to be the reliable partner during the deveploping process of the guest enterprises.


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