Headhunting Service

1.      Standard headhunting service

Service Mode: headhunting projects with an annual salary more than a hundred thousand

Advantage: This is the most common way of headhunting service, to obtain corresponding service by access to reasonable price, and the timeliness, accuracy and applicability are warranted.

Enterprises applicable: Applied to the outstanding enterprises which have the demand for high level managementand technical talents.

2.       Long-term headhunting service

Service Mode: Clients who are in need of large talent or top talents in a long period, can acquire standard headhunting service by way of paying a certain amount of commission payments。The total price is less than the standard headhunting service.

Advantage: We can ensure the accuracy of searching talents by being fully acquainted with our clients. We have professional team and talent pool to improve the searching speed. The average price is less than the standard headhunting service, so that our client could save the hiring cos significantly, and the enterprise may acquire long-term and steady manpower support.

Enterprises applicable: Outstanding enterprises which need more telents, such as the newly-built companies, enterprises with good momentum of development and in need of telents in a long period, group enterprises and planning restructured enterprises.

3.       Oriented headhunting service

Service Mode: The candidates are appointed by the client, and then headhunters choose the suitable talent for the client through professional methods. There is no probation since the candidate is appointed by the client.

Advantage: It avoids conflictions between the client and their competitor, the difficulty of negotiating salary among acquaintances.Improving  the success rate to poaching with good reputation and persuasive skills.

Enterprises applicable: Enterprises which have standardize management, great prospects and target candidate, however, is inconvenient to poach talents directly.

4.       Reference Check

Service Mode: We accept the clients’ commission to check candidates’ or on-job high-level talents’ reference through letters, telephone call and interview. It requires great skills and methods to check the present working unit of the candidates, and their occupational safety should be ensured. The result of the investigation is usually reported in oral or in written. The written report can be provided while not involving the matter of law and individual privacy.

Advantage: the impartial t and objective investigation reduce the risk of employment greatly, and guarantee the accuracy of recruitment, in order to avoid unnecessary loss.

Enterprises applicable: Enterprises which is selecting high level talents.



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